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Mobile Stage Rental

Elevate your event with our versatile mobile stage. With industry leading strength and safety along side a quick push-button setup, we are designed for exceptional performances.

Our Mobile Stage

Stageline SL 100

Strong Rigging Capacity Fast Setup Time

Elevated Stage Deck

Our 24'x20' elevated stage deck offers a commanding presence, ensuring every performer takes center stage.

Full Coverage Roof

With a solid weather-proof roof, your event stays protected from sun and rain, no matter the weather.

Professional Audio and Lighting

Integrated rigging points provide a platform for professional-grade audio and lighting setups, enhancing your event's sound and visual experience.

Custom Branding Options

Choose from stunning custom banner packages to brand your event, making it uniquely yours.

Quick Setup

Our stage is ready for action in as little as one hour, simplifying your event


From Stage Setup Configuration, to Stage Deck Extensions, to custom sound and light packages.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Explore some common inquiries about our services and event solutions.
How quickly can you set up the stage?
Our team can have the stage set up and ready to go in as little as one hour.
What types of events can benefit from your services?
Our services are versatile, suitable for concerts, weddings, charity events, and more.
Can I customize the stage for my event?
Absolutely, we offer customization options including banners, lighting, and sound tailored to your preferences.
What is included in the stage rental package?
Our package includes the mobile stage, professional sound, lighting, and video options, ensuring a comprehensive setup.
Do you provide technical support during events?
Yes, our team offers technical support to ensure your event runs smoothly.

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