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Elevate your event with the industry's most user-friendly and versatile mobile stage. Experience quick setup and a rainproof design for exceptional performances.

Stageline SL 100

Strong Rigging Capacity
Fastest Setup Time

The SL Series: A wide selection of models for any size, site and budget.

Elevated Stage Deck

Our 24'x20' elevated stage deck offers a commanding presence, ensuring every performer takes center stage.

Full Coverage Roof

With a solid weather-proof roof, your event stays protected from sun and rain, no matter the weather.

Professional Audio and Lighting

Integrated rigging points provide a platform for professional-grade audio and lighting setups, enhancing your event's sound and visual experience.

Custom Branding Options

Choose from stunning custom banner packages to brand your event, making it uniquely yours.

Quick Setup

Our stage is ready for action in less than an hour, ensuring a seamless and efficient event setup.

Optional Enhancements

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SL100 Specifications

Setting New Standards in Mobile Staging

Explore the technical prowess of the STAGELINE SL100, designed to meet the demands of live events.

Stage Dimensions

Design your stage to fit your event's unique needs with dimensions ranging from 24' x 20' (Lay) up to 40' x 32'.

Setup Speed

Enjoy rapid setup times, with the SL100 stage ready to go in as little as 30 minutes, ensuring your event starts promptly.

High Wind Tolerance

Built to withstand the elements, this stage can handle wind speeds of up to 115 mph without windwalls and 77 mph with windwalls.

Robust Rigging

With a hefty weight capacity of 11,400 lb (5,170 Kg), the SL100 is equipped to support all your event's technical requirements.

All-Weather Assurance

Featuring full-height rainproof windwalls on three sides, this stage keeps your equipment and performers protected, rain or shine.

Easy Transport

Measure what matters with Untitled’s easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.
The perfect choice for your event.

What Sets the SL100 Apart

Discover the unique features that make the STAGELINE SL100 the perfect fit for your event.

Start Your Event Quickly

Our rapid setup means your event begins on time, saving you precious minutes.

Tailored to Your Vision

Adapt the stage to match your event's unique needs with flexible dimensions.

Built for the Long Haul

With a substantial weight capacity, this stage can handle even the most demanding performances.

Perform Rain or Shine

Full-height rainproof windwalls on three sides protect your talent and gear.

Convenient Transport

At just 9,460 lb dry weight, it's easily towable with a standard pickup truck.

Wind-Resistant Confidence

Designed to stand firm in windy conditions, offering stability in all weather.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers

Explore some common inquiries about our services and event solutions.
How quickly can you set up the stage?
Our team can have the stage set up and ready to go in as little as one hour.
What types of events can benefit from your services?
Our services are versatile, suitable for concerts, weddings, charity events, and more.
Can I customize the stage for my event?
Absolutely, we offer customization options including banners, lighting, and sound tailored to your preferences.
What is included in the stage rental package?
Our package includes the mobile stage, professional sound, lighting, and video options, ensuring a comprehensive setup.
Do you provide technical support during events?
Yes, our team offers technical support to ensure your event runs smoothly.

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